Fitzpatrick skin types

The Fitzpatrick skin types were developed by the American dermatologist Fitzpatrick. He distinguished between different skin types by looking at the amount of pigment that is naturally present in the skin and how the skin reacts to UV radiation, to what extent the skin tans or burns.

However, the Fitzpatrick skin type model has not taken into account the mixture of different ethnic backgrounds, which means that some skins may have multiple characteristics of this classification model.

Character traits

In addition to using this classification model in the affiliated practices, different skin characteristics and ethnic backgrounds are always taken into account. During the intake interviews with one of our skin therapists, you will therefore be asked for your background because this is essential to adjust the laser to your skin type in order to avoid contraindications and side effects.

What are the 6 Fitzpatrick skin types?

  • Skin type I.
    This skin always burns and does not tan.
    People with this type have very fair skin and often red or light blond hair. Freckles may appear on parts of the body exposed to the sun. This is often visible on the (lower) arms, face, neck and décolleté.
  • Skin type 2
    This skin usually burns and tans a little.
    Characteristics of skin type 2 is a light skin tone, blond hair and the eyes are green, blue or gray in color.
  • Skin type 3
    This skin does not burn quickly and tans well
    Skin type 3 is a slightly tinted skin with dark blond or brown hair and dark colors in the eyes.
  • Skin type 4
    This skin almost never burns and tans well
    This skin type is often seen in the areas around the Mediterranean. That is why skin type 4 is also called the ” Mediterranean ” type. The skin is more tinted and the hair and eyes are dark in color.
  • Skin type 5
    This skin almost never burns and tans deeply.
    Dark-skinned skin or brown-yellow skin, black hair and dark eyes are characteristic of skin type 5. This skin type is mainly seen in Asian countries.
  • Skin type 6
    This skin never burns and is very dark brown or black
    This is also called the ” black ” skin type. This skin type is mainly seen in people of African descent. Skin type 6 is characterized by a dark brown to black complexion, black hair and dark eyes. Because there is a lot of pigment in this skin, this skin has a natural protection against sunburn.