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Huidtherapeut Lauren

Andrea Bandstra

In high school I had a lot of problems with a combination of acne and eczema, especially in my face. After I went to the …

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Huidtherapeut Melanie

Brigitte Boogers

My name is Brigitte. My interest in the skin started during my training as a beautician. During the training I noticed that your skin is …

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Carol Elon

My name is Carol Elon. 61 years old, working in this sector since 1995 and working at Skin Therapist NL since 01-09-2019. I offer financial …

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Huidtherapeut Chanta

Chanta Schouten

My previous education is a doctor’s assistant. As a doctor’s assistant I have worked at the dermatology clinic. This is where my interest in the …

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Huidtherapeut Team Claire


I started as an (all-round) beautician and soon noticed that I wanted to specialize further. That is why after this training I immediately started the …

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Huidtherapeut Cora

Cora Bekker

After graduating from the HBO Skin Therapy course, I immediately started working. During the many years that I have been working, I have worked at …

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