Laser hair removal for transgender people

Transgender people can experience a change in the hair pattern that changes under the influence of hormones. This can result as unwanted hair growth on the face or on the body. The hair pattern in transgender people often involves coarse hairs that lie deep in the skin. All affiliated practices use high-quality laser equipment that works ideally on these hairs.

You can also contact the affiliated practices when you are in the process of sex reassignment. Prior to sex reassignment surgery, certain hair growth must be removed. This is important because possible parts of the skin that are now outside the body will be used to form parts of the new sex. With laser hair removal it is prevented that there is hair growth in an unusual place (internal) after the operation and this will cause complaints in the future. When you undergo gender reassignment surgery in the future, the following areas will be treated to make hair free:

  • Trans women, 2 centimeters around the base of the penis and about 10 x 2 centimeters between the scrotum and the anus, the hair should be removed.
  • Trans men, when a urethra extension takes place, skin on the underside of the forearm is used for this. Depending on the appointment made with the attending physician, the hair removal takes place on the little finger side or the thumb side of the forearm.

You can go to the affiliated practices for these indications for laser hair removal for transgender people. Permanent hair removal is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair or to prepare for sex reassignment surgery.

Elektrische epilatie (witte, rode en grijze haren)

Click on the branches below to find out where you can go for treatment for unwanted hair:

Pay attention! Laser hair removal can only be applied to hairs that contain pigment, so dark hairs. Do you suffer from red, white or gray hair? Please check the website at Unwanted White, Red and Gray Hair.

Reimbursement and costs for transgender hair removal

A number of health insurance policies in the Netherlands reimburse transgender hair removal. Consult your policy for this or contact your insurer. When you come for treatments, you must pay us after each treatment. You will receive the invoice from us that you can submit to your insurer. The affiliated practices have contracts with all health insurers in the Netherlands.

  • Bikini line extended + face from € 225
  • Bikini line extended + lower legs from € 250
  • Bikini line extended + entire legs from € 369
    temporary promotion € 299
  • Armpits + bikini line extended from € 172
  • Armpits + face from € 148
  • Armpits + lower legs from € 198
  • Kin from € 49
  • Upper lip from € 49
  • Upper lip and chin from € 84
  • Cheeks from € 49
  • Sideburns from € 49
  • Eyebrow adapter from € 49
  • Neck from € 59
  • Face from € 124 Temporary promotion € 99
  • Face including neck from € 149
  • Around nipples from € 49 temporary promotion € 49.00
  • Breast female connector from € 49
  • Chest man from € 149
  • Bikini line Normal from € 99
  • Bikini line Extended from € 124
  • Back from € 174
  • Shoulders from € 124
  • Shoulders + Neck from € 149
  • Back + Shoulders from € 274
  • Belly woman normally from € 99
  • Stripe on stomach (breast pubis) from € 49
  • Stripe on stomach (navel - pubis) from € 49
  • Belly man from € 149
  • Chest + belly man from € 274
  • Upper legs from € 149
  • Lower legs from € 149
  • Thighs + bikini line from € 234
  • Lower legs + bikini line from € 234
  • Arms from € 184
  • Upper arms from € 107
  • Forearms including elbows from € 107
  • Bikini line extended + entire legs from € 369
  • Armpits from € 84 temporary promotion € 49.00

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