Wet lasers

Changes in laws and regulations regarding lasers

Minister Schippers van Volksgezondheid sinds 2016 bezig om de wet- en regelgeving omtrent bevoegdheid voor het gebruik van laserapparatuur aan te passen. Minister Schippers of Public Health has been working since 2016 to adjust the laws and regulations regarding authority for the use of laser equipment. What does this mean? Currently, anyone without a training or relevant profession is allowed to offer treatments with laser equipment to be practiced. As a result, there are many duped consumers in the Netherlands who often experience permanent damage to their skin.

When laws and regulations are amended, only doctors, dermatologists and skin therapists are allowed to use laser equipment for treatments. These professional groups have the necessary medical knowledge and are able to anticipate the dangers that treatment with laser equipment can entail. Skin therapists will then also receive a BIG registration, just like doctors.

The affiliated practices only employ skin therapists who have been trained with good knowledge of lasering, so that you are assured of a competent and properly trained practitioner.