Gentle Max Pro

Do you hate shaving, waxing or epilation? Then have your hair lasered with the Gentle Max Pro at one of our clinics. Laser hair removal saves you a lot of time every day and gives a beautiful, smooth skin.

Benefits of hair removal with Gentle Max Pro:

During and after treatment:

You can shave the hairs a few days before the treatment. As a result, small hairs will be visible when you have the treatment (1a 2 mm). The therapist can then immediately see whether the laser has the correct response to the hairs. In this way, the therapist knows which settings to use to eliminate the hairs.

Due to the built-in cooling system of the Gentle Max Pro, the painful feeling during laser treatment will be minimized. The feeling of lasering can be compared to a rubber band against the skin or a pinprick. During the treatment there is a lot of heat in the skin, which can make the skin feel warm. During and after the treatment, the skin is cooled by the cooling system of the laser or cold packs. This ensures that the heat is removed from the skin as quickly as possible. In addition, as with all our lasers: protect the skin during the treatment course with at least SPF30. When exposed to the sun, repeat this every two hours during the day.

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