Unwanted dark hair growth and excessive hair

What is unwanted hair and excess hair?

Unwanted hair growth refers to all hairs on the body that are perceived as disturbing. In addition, there may also be excessive hair on the body. Excess hair means that there is more hair growth than usual.

There are two types of unwanted hair / hair growth:

There are two types of excessive hair growth:

  • Hypertrichosis
    This is an increase in hair growth in areas of the body where hair growth is already present, but the hairs are longer and darker. This phenomenon can occur in both men and women from puberty.
  • Hirsutism
    This is hair growth according to the male hair pattern in women.

The number of hair follicles a body has is fixed from birth. How many hair follicles this are depends on the origin. During life, different phases take place, causing hormone fluctuations. Examples are: puberty, pregnancy and menopause. During hormone fluctuations, hair follicles are activated and hairs start to grow from these hair follicles.

When you have undergone laser hair removal, the hair follicles that are active at that time have been treated. However, you may see new hair in the treated area later after a hormone fluctuation has occurred. These are not the hairs that were active during the treatment process, but hairs that arose because the inactive hair follicles in the treated area have become active and new hairs grow.

Elektrische epilatie (witte, rode en grijze haren)

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Pay attention! Laser hair removal can only be applied to hairs that contain pigment, so dark hairs. Do you suffer from red, white or gray hair? Please check the website at Unwanted White, Red and Gray Hair.

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