Diode LightSheer laser

Do you hate shaving, waxing or epilation? Then have your hair lasered with the Diode LightSheer laser. Laser hair removal saves you a lot of time every day and gives a beautiful, smooth skin.

Advantages of hair removal with Diode LightSheer

How does the Diode LightSheer laser work

The Diode LightSheer is a laser that uses a laser beam with a wavelength of 810 nanometers. The energy of the laser beam is absorbed by the pigment of the hair and it is then converted into heat. This heat causes destruction of the hair root, so that no new hair can grow.

The Diode LightSheer is an extremely effective laser device that can be used to treat skin type 4 up to and including Fitzpatrick. Hair may be shaved with this laser prior to the treatments. If this has been the case, agree this in advance with the skin therapist.

LightSheer Diode Laser - behandeling

During and the treatment

In addition, it is important to leave the hairs before the intake, so that the skin therapist knows which hairs they are dealing with. Based on this, the correct settings can be determined so that the treatment is immediately effective. In addition, as with all our lasers: protect the skin during the treatment course with at least SPF30. Repeat this throughout the day as well.

Result of laser treatment

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