The method of the affiliated practices during the first consultation and treatment is as follows:

First consultation

Before starting treatment, an intake interview takes place with one of our skin therapists. The intake interview is completely without obligation and without costs.

During the intake, your relevant medical history will be discussed to find out whether there is a contraindication, so that treatment cannot be started (immediately). If no contraindication is present, a test flash can be placed on the skin during the intake. This test flash is intended to give you a brief experience of how hair removal with the laser feels. At the same time, the skin therapist can see how your skin and hair react to the flashes of the laser to determine the correct settings for your skin and hair type. With your permission, photos will also be taken of the treatment area so that the decrease of the treated hair can be properly mapped out when you start with laser hair removal.

At the end of the intake interview, the skin therapist will draw up a treatment plan in consultation with you. Before the treatment starts, you sign your agreement by means of an informed consent. With this you agree to the treatment plan and the associated pre- and aftercare.

What do you take with you during your first appointment?

In any case, we ask you to bring your health insurance card, proof of identity (driving license, ID card or passport) and, if applicable, your referral. Also take your medication overview with you, there are medications that can affect your treatment plan.


If you agree with the proposed treatment plan, an appointment will be scheduled for the first treatment. During the (first) treatment, the skin therapist provides a clear explanation of the actions she performs.

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