Soprano Ice

Do you hate shaving, waxing or epilation? Then have your hair lasered with the Soprano ICE Laser. Laser hair removal saves you a lot of time every day and gives a beautiful, smooth skin.

Advantages of hair removal with Soprano ICE laser:

How does the Soprano ICE laser work?

Soprano ICE is a Diode laser with a wavelength of 810 nanometers, is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types (1 to 6) and can be used throughout the season. The laser can treat with two different modes, the SHR (Super Hair Removal) and HR (Hair Removal) mode.

SHR method

The SHR is moved over the skin in a moving way, also called ‘in-motion’. Due to the moving technique, the skin is gradually warmed up and the laser gradually emits several subtle rays of light to all hair follicles in the treated area. Because the skin heats up gradually, it will effectively damage the hair follicle but not cause injury to the surrounding skin
Due to the moving technique, the treatment will be fast and comfortable. The SHR position ensures that lasering your hair with this machine is virtually painless. You may experience some pinpricks and warmth on the skin.

SHR method

In the HR mode, laser is performed by means of separate flashes, where each flash is placed on a new piece of skin within the treatment area.

During and after treatment:

For the Soprano ICE laser it is important that there are no visible hairs on the skin. It is important that the hair is shaved on the day of the treatment. To guide the laser beams properly in the skin, the Soprano Ice uses water-based gel. This is applied to the skin before starting the treatment.

During the treatment course it is important to protect the skin well with at least SPF30 when it is exposed to sunlight. It is best if the skin is reapplied with sunscreen every two hours.

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