Alexandrite Quanta Da Vinci laser

Do you hate shaving, waxing or epilation? Then have your hair lasered with the Alexandrite 755nm laser at one of our affiliated practices. Laser hair removal saves you a lot of time every day and gives a beautiful, smooth skin.

Benefits of hair removal with Quanta Da Vinci:

How does the Quanta Da Vinci work?​

The Quanta Da Vinci uses the Alexandrite type laser of 755 nanometers, the gold standard for reducing unwanted hair growth in light skin types.

The Quanta Da Vinci also has a cooling system that is incorporated in the treatment head, which immediately cools the skin during treatment to limit the heating in the skin and make the treatment more pleasant. Due to the cooling of the epidermis, the risk of burning is minimized.

Quanta Da Vinci Laser

In order to be able to treat effectively, it is important for this laser that the hairs are visible up to ⅔ mm on the skin. In this way, the response of the hair to the laser can be properly monitored so that the most optimal treatment can be carried out.

Before and after treatment

Laser hair removal with the Quanta Da Vinci is not painless, but due to the cooling, the treatment will hardly be painful. The feeling can be compared to a rubber band against the skin or a pinprick. During the treatment there is a lot of heat in the skin which can also cause the skin to feel warm. After the treatment, the skin can be cooled with a cold pack to provide relief.

It is important to leave the hairs before the intake, so that the skin therapist can assess the hair structure. Based on this, the correct settings can be determined so that the treatment is immediately effective. In addition, as with all our lasers: protect the skin well with at least SPF 30 during the treatment course. Repeat this every two hours during the day.

Result treatment

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